Mr. Santoro was born in Siena on 28 March, 1955.


He graduated from the “Michelangelo” Classical Lyceum in Florence in 1973 and on 26 October 1977 he was awarded a Law Degree from the University of Florence with full marks and honours.


In 1977 he began to practice as a notary and collaborated with the notary offices of   Francesco Feri in Florence.


In 1980 he passed his Solicitor's exam at the Court of Appeal of Florence.


In 1982 he passed the Open Competitive Examination for Notaries and on 9 June 1983 was entered in the Roll of Notaries, with an initial base in Montevarchi (Notarial District of Arezzo).

He subsequently transferred to the United Notarial Districts of Florence, Pistoia and Prato, being first based in Prato and later, as of July 1988, in Florence, where he continues to practice as a notary in his offices in Via Micheli 12.


Between February 2009 and February 2012 he was a member of the Florence District Notary Council.


In the course of his professional career he has developed considerable experience in the different areas of his work, which include:

  • corporate law, providing expertise, advice and support in major corporate transactions (ordinary and extraordinary) such as mergers, demergers, transformations, incorporation of new companies, drafting of company bylaws, setting up of joint-ventures, start-ups, spin-offs, capital increases and reductions, business transfers and disposals and equity investments on behalf of companies and entities operating at national and European level.
  • inheritance law, real estate transfers, bank loans, with a particular focus on bank credit, and tax law.


Over time, Mr. Santoro has become the notary of choice for a number of leading public, private, ecclesiastical and/or corporate organisations operating in Italy and abroad across a range of industry sectors, including Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Universities, Leasing, Biomedical services and Wine Consortiums.


He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Bank since 21 December 2017.