of Markets and Products Division

Degree in Business Administration from Cà Foscari University in Venice and a Master's Degree in Management and Banking.

Mr. Fossali began his career in 1994 in Banca Antonveneta's branch network, where he served in a number of roles in both the retail and corporate areas.

As of 1998, he took on increasingly complex roles within the corporate sector and was eventually appointed Head of the Corporate Finance Service for corporate and investment banking transactions across the Bank's network.

In 2008, he became Head of Large Corporate Customers and in 2013, the year of Banca Antonveneta's merger into BMPS, he was named Head of the Large Corporate Centre for the North-East sales network.

In 2016 he was appointed Head of the Commercial Office and Corporate Products for the Antonveneta Area.

In 2018 he was appoined Head of the Corporate Division.

Mr. Fossali currently serves as Head of the Markets and Products Division.

Last modified: 19/11/2019