The Board continues to consist mainly of independent directors COMPOSITIONS OF THE BOARD COMMITTEES HAVE BEEN REVISED

Siena, 3 August 2018 - At its meeting on 2 August 2018, the Board of Directors of Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena assessed the requirements of professional experience, integrity and  independence of the Board member Roberta Casali, who was co-opted to the board on 12 July 2018.


In particular, the Board confirmed compliance with the independence requirements, as provided for by the Bank's By-Laws, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree no.  58/1998 (CFA) and the criteria set by the Corporate Governance Code for Listed Companies, and having examined the credit relationships of the Director deemed independent, as provided for by Circular no. 285 of the Bank of Italy and taking into account the relative Guidelines issued by the EBA/ESMA and ECB.


The Board of Directors, therefore, continues to consist mainly of independent directors.


The Board also confirmed that there are no material situations pursuant to the regulations on interlocking directorates for the Director under Article 36 of Italian Legislative Decree no. 201/2011, converted into Law no. 214/2011.


Lastly, the Board then proceeded to revise the composition of the Board sub-Committees and appoint their members:


Risk Committee:


Giorgino Marco, Chairman (independent), Riccaboni Angelo (independent), Casali Roberta (independent), Lancellotti Roberto Osvaldo (independent), Turicchi Antonino.


Appointments Committee:


Maria Elena Cappello, Chairperson (independent) Piazzolla Salvatore Fernando, Turicchi Antonino, Valerio Giorgio Giannino Baldassarre (independent), Petruccioli Stefania (independent).


Remuneration Committee:


Kostoris Fiorella, Chairperson (independent), Lancellotti Roberto Osvaldo (independent), Cappello Maria Elena (independent), Giorgino Marco (independent), Maione Nicola (independent).


Related Party Transactions Committee:


Riccaboni Angelo, Chairman (independent), Kostoris Fiorella (independent), Santoro Michele (independent), Petruccioli Stefania (independent), Maione Nicola (independent).



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