Sustainability as a company goal
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Plan guidelines

​Guiding principles of our CSR practice

​It mus​t serve to:

  • Help restore image.
  • Identify high-added-social-value business opportunities across the network areas.
  • More fully gauge the opportunities and risks associated with the social tensions affecting the market, consumer choices, public opinion and, as a consequence, the banking business.

It will involve:

  • Internal and external communication activities showing the positive side of the Bank, i.e., a company with proper business practice, that responds to the needs of stakeholders and contributes to the sustainable development goals of the economy and society.
  • Business and non-business activities and promoting local involvement.
  • The partnership of skills with high reputational value, adding strength and credibility to our efforts.
  • Demonstrations of thought leadership and value positioning.


Key policy areas

The education and value enhancement of intangible assets such as MPS DNA, skills, knowledge of local areas, network of relationships are the main CSR levers on which we want to act to foster successful participation by stakeholders in the economy and social systems. 


Ethical business culture

  • Invest in business ethics policies, responding to the expectations of socially responsible investors and consumers.
  • Engage employees in implementing the policies.


  • Increase the level of awareness of the employee welfare system among resources and potential candidates.
  • Strengthen the social impacts of the employee welfare system.

A core, community bank

  • Give more continuity and reinforcement to dialogue with key local community stakeholders.
  • Increase recognition of the bank’s positive role and its services to the local areas.
  • Innovate our added-social-value offering.

Corporate sustainability culture

  • Acquire a benchmark role in the promotion of know-how and best practices when it comes to corporate sustainability.
  • Consolidate the volume of business in the green economy.
  • Improve the overall quality of assessments of loans to businesses and of advisory services.

Provide guidance to young people in the areas of finance and employment

  • Achieve a leading position among Italian banks in the area of financial education.
  • Be a partner of reference within the community of HR professionals as well as for programs providing guidance to young people in the world of work.​