Sustainability Governance

The new sustainability governance model was established in 2018 with the aim of building an integrated corporate strategy capable of making decisions not only on the basis of capital, economic and financial results, but also in terms of human, social, relational and environmental capital. 

The Board of Directors resolved to set up a permanent Sustainability Working Group (SWG), consisting of representatives from across the company’s Divisions, appointed by the Executive Committee and coordinated by the Communication, Institutional Relations and Sustainability Department.

The SWG has the task of:

  • proposing, promoting and monitoring sustainability policies within the Group;
  • encouraging the integration of sustainability in the company’s business decisions;
  • collecting the information required to report on the policies implemented and sustainability results achieved in the NFS.

In 2018, the newly-established SWG established the basis with which to share processes and methodologies aimed at defining an effective organisation of the MPS Group’s sustainability policies. It also initiated a process of dialogue with all corporate units to create awareness of sustainability issues and promote their integration with business objectives.