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Latest update: 17/05/2023


* Moody’s (16 February 2023): the rating agency has improved the Bank’s ratings by two notches, upgrading the Baseline Credit Assessment (“BCA”) to “b1” from “b3”, the long-term deposit rating to “Ba2” from “B1” and the subordinated debt rating to “B2” from “Caa1”. The long-term senior unsecured debt rating has been upgraded by three notches to “B1” from “Caa1”. The outlook on the long-term deposit and senior unsecured debt ratings has confirmed stable.


** Fitch (24 November 2022): the rating agency has improved the Bank’s ratings, upgrading the Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (“IDR”) to “B+” from “B” and the Viability Rating (“VR”) to “b+” from “b”. The outlook has improved to “stable” from “evolving”. 



*** DBRS Ratings GmbH (17 May 2023): the rating agency has upgraded the Bank’s ratings by one notch, upgrading the Intrinsic Assessment (“IA”) and the long-term senior unsecured debt to “BB (low)” from “B (high)”, and the long-term deposit rating to “BB” from “BB (low)”. The subordinated debt rating has been upgraded by two notches to “B (low)” from “CCC”.


**** Long-Term Senior Unsecured Debt Rating

Last modified: 18/05/2023