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Latest update: 16/12/2020 Latest update: 21/12/2020

Latest update: 19/11/2020


* Moody’s (16 December 2020): Moody’s rating agency has extended its review for upgrade of the Bank’s “b3” standalone Baseline Credit Assessment and long-term ratings (including the “Caa1” long-term senior unsecured rating and “B1” long-term bank deposits rating). The long-term outlook remains “Rating under Review”.


** Fitch (21 December 2020): the international rating agency Fitch Ratings revised the “rating watch” on BMPS long-term ratings from “evolving” to “negative”.



*** DBRS Ratings GmbH (19/11/2020):

DBRS Ratings GmbH rating agency revised the outlook on the Group’s long-term ratings to “stable”, from “negative”.
All BMPS ratings were confirmed, including the Long-Term Issuer Rating of “B (high)”, Long-Term Senior Debt of “B (high)” and Long-Term Deposits of “BB (low)”.

Last modified: 16/09/2020