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The Bank enhances its new communications plan with an advertising campaign and by re-launching its online presence

Siena, 2 October 2017 – Banca Monte dei Paschi di Siena is enhancing its new communications efforts and, as of the 1st of October, it is presenting itself to the public with an advert, centred on the theme of trust, as well as two new websites, one corporate and the other business.

THE ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN - “Falling down is the first thing you learn. The second one is getting up. And you do it because there is someone who believes in you. So we become another person’s strength”. Trust in ourselves and in others is the new message at the heart of the company’s advert which, as of yesterday, is being launched through TV, media and digital.

Though the bank’s top management has been completely revised, in its new advertising campaign the company does not shy away from its recent past but presents itself to the public as a point of reference able to empower anyone who has a dream or plan they want to achieve.

The advert is divided into four parts of a wider story: a baby who takes its first steps, held up by its mother; a gymnast who falls during an exercise but, in the trusting eyes of her coach, finds the strength to try again and goes on to win; a violinist who is able to perform his piece with help from his fellow orchestra members; a fireman who begins to believe in himself again thanks to the support of an older colleague.

MPS is expressing the will and ability to face new challenges, even the toughest and most difficult ones, and it does so by choosing to tell simple stories of people who do not give up in the face of life’s setbacks but who react and get back up thanks to someone who believes in them and for whom it is worth fighting: It is the customers and employees of the bank that have never stopped having faith in us.

The advert also underlines the value of a relationship that can only be renewed, nurtured and finally consolidated through the perseverance and day-to-day diligence of MPS’s women and men. For this reason, the Bank wanted to pay tribute to the vital role they have played in turning the company around: in fact, the advert ends with actual employees of the company smiling and introducing the new slogan: “More strength to people”.

THE NEW WEBSITES – Together with the launch of the new advert, the Bank is doubling its online presence by separating its corporate website from its business one, with new graphics and contents that have been reorganised according to disclosure requirements and different user interactions.

The two new websites share some important and common features: an easier and faster browsing experience thanks to the reorganisation of over 10,000 documents, a more efficient search engine, numerous interactive tools, a fully responsive design that can be used anytime and anywhere from mobile devices and tablets as well as PCs. – The new corporate website has been created with a browsing context dedicated to all of the Bank’s major stakeholders – customers, shareholders, journalists and investors – with information that has been revised and reorganised to respond more fully to their needs. – The business website has been revised and redesigned with a dual browser mode: according to target – people, small businesses, corporates and institutions – and to 20 different “across-the-board” needs – from home to payments and collections – so that, with just a few clicks, sers can feel they are being provided with the best possible support when searching for suitable products and services.

“The innovations presented today mark a new and important step in our communications efforts to re-launch the bank. Faced with the new challenges ahead, we have decided to speak using an open, honest and transparent language that does not shy away from the problems we’ve had in the past but which, through the emotions of daily life, focuses on our commitment to come back and be “another person’s strength” ” explains Marco Palocci, Head of Banca MPS’s External and Institutional Relations Division. “If we’ve succeeded in this so far, even during the most difficult times, we owe it first and foremost to our customers – who have never stopped having faith in us – and our employees who have always worked to meet their expectations: It is to these people that our new communications campaign is dedicated: “because nothing strengthens you more than those who have faith in you” ”.

The strategic-creative concept for this advert was designed by J. Walter Thompson Italia, a U.S. advertising agency founded in 1864 in New York, one of the world’s leading players in global communications. The production company is Filmmaster and the commercial was directed by Marco Gentile. The music is an original score by Guido Smider of Smider Sound Agency.

The websites have been designed with the collaboration of Engitel Spa, one of the leading Italian digital companies that has been working with and for the web since 1994 and created over 2,600 websites and apps.


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