Degree in Law from the University of Milan. Certified auditor and public accountant.

From 1986 to 2009 Ms. Cevasco was a member of the Ernst & Young group where she was a partner in the Tax & Legal practice and Attorney at Ernst & Young Financial Business Advisor S.p.A. in charge of coordinating VIP client projects of various offices in the areas of Tax & Legal, Financial Business Advisory, Mergers & Acquisition and Business Schools providing advisory, temporary management services and training in Italy and abroad to companies and entities operating globally in various sectors, projects and countries.

Since 1994, she has served as Chairperson and Standing Auditor on the Boards of Statutory Auditors of Italian companies controlled by foreign companies and has been the representative of foreign companies in Italy.

From 2009 to 2015 she held top positions as CFO, General Manager and Chief Executive Officer in Italian companies operating in the national and international arenas, assuming direct operational responsibilities in guiding the development of the companies.

Since 2016, she has been working as a consultant, planning and implementing sustainable value creation programmes for companies, also in support of M&A, internationalisation, restructuring, change management and training. Within this context, she has taken on personal assignments in companies and assisted Law firms and professional practices with their projects.

She has been accredited by the Lombardy Region and the Ministry of Economic Development for the management of international development processes and business innovation, providing advisory services for temporary export managers financed by the Ministry of Economic Development.

Recent successful projects supporting top company management: in 2018 she oversaw the analysis of control and reporting systems for process transformation and improvement of financial information of the Italian subsidiary of the Havea Group, formerly known as Groupe Ponroy Santé, which develops and manufactures and distributes – under various brands and internationally – health products through pharmacies and large-scale retailers; in 2019, the Arrigoni group – which operates internationally with four companies in the sector of net fabrics for technical use with a prevalence in the agricultural industry –appointed her as Group Temporary Manager responsible for coordinating the internal activities of the group in the acquisition of an interest in a private equity fund, which was completed in November 2020. This was followed by her appointment as a non-executive director on the Parent Company’s Board of Directors and her assignment – completed in June 2022 – to implement the purchase and sale agreements and to develop the organizational planning and control units in line with the strategies approved to support the Group’s general management, including the preparation of the Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 and the development of ESG programmes; in July 2021, she was appointed to assist the Azienda Tutela Ambientale Multiservizi Ata S.p.A, the Public Environmental Management Service of the Municipality of Savona, in reporting to the delegated bodies of the Court on the operating performance of the public company under arrangement with creditors on a going concern basis, as part of a privatisation project.